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Starting from the situation of environmental waste problems, Edith House as an ecoprint artisan collaborates with seamstresses, leather craftsmen and patchwork craftsmen around the neighborhood, to begin small steps striving for a whole series of sustainable business processes in creating environmentally friendly fashion & craft products that focus on 3P (Planet, People & Profit).

We choose natural fibers and leather waste as raw materials, we also utilize natural elements from leaves, flowers and stems as well as the coloring process that plays a major role as a motives in each work produced. All of these eco-friendly elements are sourced entirely from the nature of Indonesia.

The results of Edith House's ecoprint work are re-created into ready-to-use products. And not only producing, we also always educate and empower the community. We continue consistently focus on empowering people and nature by continuously doing the 3 R's in every production process, namely reusing leaves, natural dye waste and patchwork to be used as useful things.

By choosing Edith House's products, you are contributing to love the earth and play a role in empowering Indonesian artisans.

Green Greetings,
Edith House IG: @edithhouse.gallery

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